Gold Coast Christian School

Our Process for New Students

  1. Fill out forms: About you, parent survey, student survey, and pass out reference forms.

  2.  Once the school receives two (2) reference forms, the parent survey, student survey, and the student’s cumulative education records of new student have been received or a telephone interview with the former school has been completed by the teacher, you will receive a call to set up an interview with the board. 

  3.  The interview with the school board members is to ensure that this is a proper fit for both the family and the school. The board also wants to get to know you and the student. Please have the student(s) come to the interview.

  4.  A board member will call and notify you if you have been accepted.

  5.  After acceptance, you will get a call from our school treasurer to set up a financial meeting to sign forms and to pick up the rest of the registration materials.

  6.  You will be expected to provide:

    1. The birth certificate of the new student.

    2. Proof of immunization (According to the laws of Oregon, proof of immunizations must be presented when the child initially registers for school.  If immunizations are contrary to religious or other beliefs, the parent must do an online educational class and print a certificate of completion to be put with the student’s immunization record.  If a child cannot be immunized for medical reasons, a doctor must sign a statement to this effect.)